DITA Backslash Fixer

Replace backslashes in links with forward slashes.

Backslash Fixer replaces all backslashes "\" in link paths with forward slashes "/". Useful when working with DITA cross-platform.

The DITA Backslash Fixer software is distributed as a module for the Samalander Software Center. Free trials of all modules, including Backslash fixer, are available.

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Product Features

  • Select a DITAMAP

    Backslash Fixer will scan DITAMAP and fix the backslashes in all the links it finds.

  • Replace Backslashes

    Replace all backslashes in all links (xrefs, conrefs, topicrefs, images) with forward slashes

  • Useful for Cross-Platform

    When moving content from Microsoft Windows to Apple Mac OSX, links often break because backslashes are present. The Backslash Fixer fixes this.

More Information

For information on how to use the DITA Backslash Fixer, see the Help documentation.