Backslash Fixer Help

Backslash Fixer Help

What Does it Do?

FrameMaker 9 and FrameMaker 10 often use backslashes (\) instead of slashes (/) in HREFs and CONREFs. This bug is a violation of the URI / URL and DITA standards and can make DITA and DITAMAP files edited with FrameMaker incompatible with other DITA editors such as oXygen.

This module fixes that problem. It replaces backslashes with slashes in HREFS and CONREFs. It works with DITA files, DITAMAPs, or DITA and DITAMAP files in directories.

Tested in ...

  • DITA 1.1 and DITA 1.2
  • FrameMaker 9 and FrameMaker 10
  • FrameMaker 11: Problem does not exist in FrameMaker 11.

How does it Work?

The Backslash Fixer module replaces backslashes (\) with slashes (/) in HREFs and CONREFs in DITA XML files.

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  1. You should set the default "Output Root" and "Backup Root" directory under "Default Settings". This makes all modules in the Samalander Software Center easier to use.

How to Use the Samalander Backslash Fixer Module

  1. Open the Backslash Fixer module. This dialog appears:

  2. Select the input type: a DITA file, a DITAMAP or a directory containing DITA files. If you select "Directory" understand that the Backslash Fixer module is recursive; it will affect all DITA files in all subdirectories.
  3. Type or paste the input file or directory name. You can also use the "Browse" button to the right to select the file or directory.
  4. Click "Run". Backslashes (\) in HREFs and CONREFs in the selected DITA and DITAMAP files will be changed to slashes (/).