Hi there!

You were expecting to go to a download / buy page.

Sorry, Samalander is doing one of those "pivots" you hear about startups doing every so often.

Part of our pivot is to stop selling our software or allowing free trial downloads. We are taking our software off the market.

The other part of our pivot is to consider carefully what to do next. What that "next is involves, mostly, what to do with our core processing engine that simplifies interaction with DITA and the tools built on the core.

We could make the engine Open Source.

We could make the tools, along with the GUIs, Open Source.

We could use the core it to make GUIs for custom DITA management and publishing tools for large publishing groups.

We could use it to ... there are lots of options.

If you would like:

  • more information,
  • to stay in touch,
  • try our SW under special licensing,
  • or participate in Open Sourcing our code,

please contact us.