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This module is no longer being developed or distributed by Samalander. We apologize for the inconvenience. If you already own this module and would like a refund or upgrade to another module, please contact us.

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The DITA Link Fixer module crawls through a DITAMAP, DITAMAP of maps or all of the DITA files in a directory and follows every link in every referenced file and then produces a report in DITA XML.

Problem Link Identification

When you open the report you'll find a section for every file highlighting problem links (XREF, HREF, CONREF etc.). Clicking on a problem link takes you to the link in the source file to make it easier to fix a link manually.

Easy Link Fixing, Including Links to Moved and Renamed Files

However, the real magic of Link Fixer is that it scans the entire suite, not just referenced files, and collects possible fixes; that is it finds the closest match to the original link in the suite and inserts them in the report as suggested fixes. The match may be based on file name, element ID, title, or a combination of these identifiers.

If you select a fix by putting an "X" beside it, save the report, and then re-run Link-Fixer against the report, Link Fixer implements the fixes you have selected.

More Information: DITA Link Fixer Help

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More Information

For information on how to use the DITA Link Fixer, see the Help documentation.