Book.MIF to DITAMAP Help

What Does it Do?

FrameMaker book files can include DITA and DITAMAP files. Book.MIF to DITAMAP takes such a FrameMaker book saved as a FrameMaker "Maker Interchange Format" (MIF) file and turns it into a basic DITAMAP.

Tested in ...

  • DITA 1.1, DITA 1.2
  • FrameMaker 9, FrameMaker 10, FrameMaker 11

How does it Work?

Book.MIF to DITAMAP reads to "" file and looks for all references to DITA and DITAMAP files. When it finds a DITA or DITAMAP file in the MIF, it records the path information and writes the link to a DITAMAP file. The links in the resulting DITAMAP are adjusted according to where it is saved so the DITAMAP works in that location.

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  1. You should set the default "Output Root" and "Backup Root" directory under "Default Settings". This makes all modules in the Samalander Software Center easier to use.
  2. Save a FrameMaker book file in MIF format. Use "Save As" when the book is in focus.

How to Use the Samalander Book.MIF to DITAMAP Module

  1. Open the Book.MIF to DITAMAP module. This dialog appears:

    Book.MIF to DITAMAP Module Main

  2. Type or paste the path and name of the FrameMaker book MIF file. You can use the "Browse" button to the right to select the file.
  3. Type or paste the output DITAMAP path and file name. You can use the "Browse" button to the right to select the file.
  4. Click "Run". The DITAMAP will be written to the location specified in step 3.