DITA Sanity Checker

Monitor the health of your DITA-XML documentation

DITA Sanity Checker quickly informs you of problems in your documentation such as validation errors, broken links, missing images, and more.

Find The Issues

Find broken links including xrefs, conref, topicrefs, and images, get a list of validation errors, and more.

Verify Your Work

Make sure your work does not contain errors before commiting your changes or submitting your documentation for review.

Monitor Your Team

Find the errors and monitor what types of problem appear, how many there are and how quickly they are fixed.

The DITA Sanity Checker software is distributed as a module for the Samalander Software Center. Free trials of all modules, including Sanity Checker, are available.

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Product Features

  • Scan a DITAMAP

    Select a DITAMAP and the Sanity Checker will find all the errors in the suite defined by that DITAMAP.

  • Build a Report

    Sanity Checker builds an easy-to read report on each file scanned.

  • Broken Links

    DITA Sanity Checkers reports on broken xrefs, conrefs, topicrefs and images.

  • Validation Errors

    DITA validation errors are found and reported on.

More Information

For information on how to use the Sanity Checker, see the Help documentation.