DITA Packager

Easily package your DITA documentation for delivery or review

The Samalander DITA Packager is an easy way to create a self-contained package of documentation that can be copied or moved without breaking any links.

DITAMAP in a Directory

The DITA Packager moves an entire set of documentation, defined by a DITAMAP, into a self-contained directory.

No Broken Links

Xrefs, conrefs, topicrefs and images are converted to relative paths so that no links break no matter where the directory is moved.

Zip It Up

The packaged DITAMAP can be zipped and emailed, or moved on a USB key, to whoever needs it next.

The DITA Packager software is distributed as a module for the Samalander Software Center. Free trials of all modules, including DITA Packager, are available.

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Product Features

  • Scan a DITAMAP

    Scan a DITAMAP and find all the linked files, and all the files they link, and all the files they link, etc.

  • Create a Package

    The DITA Packager finds the linked files and then moves all the documents into a package directory.

  • No Broken Links

    The DITA Packager guarantees no broken links in the package, unless they are broken in the source. This is true no matter where you move the package directory.

  • Self Contained

    All the links in the package point to somewhere in the package. There are not links that point to a location outside the package directory.

  • Portable

    Copy and paste the package, or zip and email it. Useful for document reviews or including source documentation with source code.

  • Include Non-Linked Content

    Want to include files that are not linked from the DITA, such as high-resolution source images? No problem, the DITA Packager can be configured.

Add Flexibility to Your Process

Transfer a complete document to another writer, on or off site. The writer can then edit the document immediately knowing that everything related to the the document is present.

Submit a zipped package to a Product Lifecycle Management System or Product Documentation System or Archive Backup System. Because the package is guaranteed to be complete, you know it can be retrieved at any time and edited immediately.

More Information

For information on how to use the Packager, see the Help documentation.