Samalander Software Center Defaults Help

The Samalander Software Center defaults set two important parameters for the SSC:

  1. The "Output Root" directory, and
  2. the "Backups Root" directory.

Setting these parameters will make your usage of SSC modules much easier.

How does it Work?

  1. "Output Root" sets the default output directory for all Samalander Software Center modules. All modules that produce some sort of output will place the result of running the module in this directory. For convenience, each module will write the output in it's own directory in "Output Root".

    Outputs are often repetitive. You might compile and view a JavaHelp output several times before being satisfied with the result. For this reason there is little reason to store most outputs in an SVN or GiT repository. Putting the "Output Root" outside of your suite root directory, which should be version controlled in a tool like SVN or GiT, will reduce your version control administration workload.

  2. "Backups Root" tells the Samalander Software Center where to store backups of files that will be changed. Several Samalander Software Center modules make changes to your files. All Samalander modules that change files make a backup of each file before it is changed. Setting this default parameter makes recovering from an error much, much easier.

    Samalander recommends that you set "Backups Root" as a folder in "Output Root" usually called "Backups". Selecting this location forces all Samalander outputs to be located in a single output directory.

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How to Use the Samalander Software Center Defaults

  1. Open the Samalander Software Center Defaults module. This "Defaults" dialog appears:

    Samalander Software Center Defaults UI

  2. Paste or type the path to the "Output Root" directory. Use the "Browse" on the right to navigate to a location.
  3. Paste or type the path to the "Backup Root" directory. Use the "Browse" on the right to navigate to a location.
  4. Click "Save". The default locations for Samalander outputs and backups are set.