This module is no longer supported.

This module is no longer being developed or distributed by Samalander. We apologize for the inconvenience. If you already own this module and would like a refund or upgrade to another module, please contact us.

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DITA-to-JavaHelp Help

What Does it Do?

DITA-to-JavaHelp is an easy-to-use JavaHelp generator.

How does it Work?

DITA-to-JavaHelp uses the DITA-OT to generate HTML files. It then processes those files into a final format and content and then compiles them into JavaHelp.

Why not use the DITA-OT to do the complete job, from DITA files to compiled JavaHelp? Samalander has created this tool and process to avoid the learning and maintenance overhead required to use the DITA-OT reliably. As well, there are desirable features in JavaHelp, such previous and next links on every topic and easy to insert context sensitive help targets that are not easily achieved using the DITA-OT.

Related topics

  1. Organizing the File System to Support the DITA-to-JavaHelp Module
  2. Inserting Context Sensitive Help Targets in your DITA Files
  3. Java Installs Required for DITA to JavaHelp
  4. Procedure 2-A: Fill in the Configuration Parameters; "DITAMAP" Option
  5. Procedure 2-B; Fill in the Configuration Parameters; "Directory" Option


  1. You should set the default "Output Root" and "Backup Root" directory under "Default Settings". This makes all modules in the Samalander Software Center easier to use.
  2. If this is the first time you run DITA to JavaHelp you have to download and install some Java programs. See Java Installs Required for DITA to JavaHelp.

How to Use the DITA-to-JavaHelp Module

Procedure 1: Fill in the Main Dialog Window

  1. Open the DITA-to-JavaHelp module. This DITA-to-JavaHelp dialog appears:

    Link-Fixer UI

  2. Select the input type: either a DITAMAP or a directory containing DITA files.
    The "DITAMAP" option is designed to simplify JavaHelp generation based on a DITAMAP as the input. The "Directory" option is designed to simplify JavaHelp generation based on a directory containing DITA files as the input. No DITAMAP is required.
  3. Select the input DITAMAP or directory. You can use the "Browse" button to the right to make a selection.
  4. The output field will be automatically filed in when you select the input file. You can change the location or name of the JavaHelp output by editing this field.
  5. Click on "Edit Config" to edit the configuration file for the JavaHelp build.
  6. Click "Run". The JavaHelp files will appear in the output location specified in step four.