DITA To Javahelp

The DITA to Javahelp module makes it easy to convert a DITA document into Javahelp

This module is no longer supported.

This module is no longer being developed or distributed by Samalander. We apologize for the inconvenience. If you already own this module and would like a refund or upgrade to another module, please contact us.

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Samalander's Dita to JavaHelp module simplifies the creation of JavaHelp sets. All you have to do is edit simple HTML files. DITA to JavaHelp removes the necessity of learning, dealing with, and debugging DITA-OT help set transforms.

Context sensitive links are easily inserted in "otherprops" attributes. Formatting is easily modified by editing the default CSS file.

More Information: DITA to JavaHelp Help

Keywords: DITA, JavaHelp, context sensitive help

More Information

For information on how to use the DITA To Javahelp module, see the Help documentation.