Software Support

Samalander accepts trouble tickets for it's software.

To access our trouble ticket system (also know as a PRT system or problem reporting system) please click the button below. We will reply as soon as possible.

Support System

When filling our the trouble ticket pleaser be as specific as possible on which module you are having trouble with. Our modules are largely independent, small programs that share some core components but mostly but that are largely independent. Being very specific about which module you are having trouble with, and the release and build number of the module, will result in a faster and more accurate response.

Support Ticket Followup

Many problems with DITA XML software and authoring are unique to the actual files the software is run against. Therefore debugging may require that you send us your original files. The easiest way of doing this is to send us the complete document or documents in a package generated with our Packager-Basic module.

If we need your files to fix a problem we will provide a unique private upload directory with a private password in which you can drop your files. If your company requires an Non-Disclosure Agreement to see your content we will be happy to comply. The first step is to contact us through our support system.

Support System

Software Enhancement Requests

Samalander releases software early and often. If there is a feature or enhancement you would like to see in one of our modules please submit the request through our support system.

We are most interested in features and enhancements that will save you time and money. If you find yourself "fixing" something over and over again we can probably add it to an existing module or create a new one. If you are encountering a problem it's certain that others are as well. Your request could benefit many many people.

Support System

Software Beta Support

Occasionally we will publish brand new modules with brand new functionality. We are interested in contacting anyone with suggestions for new modules or who might be interested in getting software early and helping us work out the kinks.

Custom Software

No DITA XML software tool can take into account all of the different business process requirements that are out there.

Fortunately adapting a module to a specific business process can be easier than you might think. Would you like a command line version of our tools so they can be run easily as a cron job? A version of our Metrics Module that classifies results according to an author attribute, a product attribute or both? Contact us and let's start a conversation.

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