Customized XML/DITA Software

Samalander can customize it's software to suite your XML DITA challenges.

Implementation of XML / DITA Authoring Systems

Samalander can help you analyze, plan, pilot, train staff, and implement a complete customized XML DITA authoring environment that fits your business and ROI needs at a fraction of the cost of selecting and implementing a full DITA CMS system. If DITA XML is not for suitable in your context we'll tell you as early as possible in the analysis phase.

Training in XML / DITA.

We can train your staff in the tools you will use in authoring DITA XML as well as the business processes that will maintain a continuing low cost implementation of the complete system.

Technical Writing Services

We can also provide you with experienced technical writers for your project and support them for as long as needed in implementing a copmplete DITA / XML solution.

Contract Resources

We are fully ensured and have gobal service agreements with other companies. For an overhead cost of about half of the typical head hunter agency, we can handle your outsourcing of identified candidate contractors in the Ottawa Ontario Canada area.

From the contractor's point of view we offer the significant advantage of paying at 30 days after invoice submission, regardless of the payment terms of our client.

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